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Aerial Control

Aerial Control of mosquito larvae is done routinely, as needed, with granular or pelleted material for the presence of mosquito larvae. The Indian River Mosquito Control District performs the aerial control of mosquito larvae with fixed-wing planes and drones, via sub-contractors. By controlling the mosquitoes in the larval stage, they do not get a chance to fly and bite.

All materials used for larval control are EPA-approved as well as approved for use and regulated by the Florida Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services. All work is done following Local, State, and Federal Laws. All pilots are licensed, and insured, and must have a valid Public Health Aerial Application License that requires routine training to maintain. Every member of our operational staff must also have a valid Public Health Pest Control Certification from the State, which is also maintained via routine training.

There are three distinct types of products used by the District for larval control:  

1. Bacillus thuringiensis israelensis or Bti, a naturally occurring bacterial compound found in soil.
2. Methoprene,  an insect growth regulator, disrupts the morphology of the mosquito in the larval stage.
3.  Spinosad,  another naturally occurring bacterial compound found in soil.