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What Is Source Reduction ?

ImpOp_pumpoutfallSource reduction, which is also referred to as physical or permanent control, is the elimination of mosquito production sites.  It is typically the most effective and economical method of mosquito control as it eliminates the need for mosquito larviciding in the affected marshes and greatly reduces adulticiding in nearby areas.  It can be as simple as tipping and tossing containers holding water or as complex as implementing Rotational Impoundment Management (RIM).  IRMCD focuses on both.

The District’s saltmarsh source reduction efforts are largely focused on the management of impoundments along the Indian River Lagoon. By implementing RIM, the District utilizes pumps to flood sites to prevent salt marsh mosquitoes from laying their eggs, which eliminates the need for chemical treatment within those areas.

The District also has a Waste Tire Program which has been in place for over 20 years, as another source reduction method.  Tires are capable of producing several freshwater mosquito species, including those that can transmit viruses. By collecting and disposing of the waste tires, the District is removing additional mosquito production sites.