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2024 Tallahassee Days

2024 Florida Mosquito Control Association (FMCA) Tallahassee Days

This year, the Indian River Mosquito Control District (IRMCD) Commissioner Matt Erpenbeck and Executive Director Sherry Burroughs traveled to Tallahassee to speak with State legislators and regulatory officials to bring awareness and support for mosquito control programs.  Showing our commitment to our community and educating officials on our innovative science-based approaches and effectiveness as a special district. Additionally, they discussed key issues impacting mosquito control and contributions among FMCA members in mosquito-borne disease transmission, halting the spread of malaria and other mosquito-borne disease.

2024_Florida Senate. Grall FASD SB.ME - Copy2024_Florida Rep Brackett - Copy2024_Senator Mayfield - Copy2024_Press Conference FMCA
Pictured: State legislators: Senator Erin Grall, Rep. Robert "Robbie" Brackett, and Senator Debbie Mayfield 
Pictured: FMCA Members IRMCD Commissioner Matt Erpenbeck, Florida Medical Entomology Lab (FMEL) Executive Director, Dr. Jorge Rey, and IRMCD Executive Director Sherry Burroughs
Pictured: FMCA press conference